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The company

Founded in 1994, the company Europe Événement offers you its LASER show services (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) always more impressive

Photo d'une ampoule entre des mains représentant l'innovation des spectacles laser d'Europe Evènement


Each year, new investments allow us to be at the cutting edge technology. Our lasers are increasingly compact and powerful, up to 100 RGB watts and more. Europe Événement is the first company to use EPSL diodes. We we manufacture custom lasers to meet the demands of our customers. ex: laser whites in a box climate at the La Part Dieu Shopping Center in Lyon (Fixed installation under a glass dome with temperatures likely to reach 40 ° C) - Laser Cage at 14m from height on the tour of Pascal Obispo. We are also able to offer you laser mapping for all your projects.

Photo d'un cadena représentant la sécurité des laser d'Europe Evènement


All our lasers are equipped with beam safety valve obligatory. All our technicians have received Class IV Level laser safety training 3 and are authorized to assess the risks and respect the effects not to be used in a public area. In addition, the choice of the power of the laser (s) is evaluated and adapted. for the site and the public area.

Photo d'un concert utilisant les laser d'Europe Evènement

Quality of our laser

All our lasers are made in Germany with diodes from the American company COHERENT, the beam divergence is less than 0.4 mrad. It is at say a beam that remains very fine over a distance of several hundred meters, with therefore no loss of power. We use laser heads from Cambridge Technology for maximum efficiency. Our lasers are air cooled and have low energy consumption (16 A-230 Volts power supply).

Our creations

Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we put on shows

events correlating different technological tools:

water jets, laser, pyrotechnics, or even sound and lights.

Specializing in indoor or outdoor laser events, we design time-code laser shows, synced down to the millisecond to the music with a multitude of effects and colors. For the graphic reproduction of logos, images and texts, we use high speed scanners allowing to create increasingly complex cartoons directed on the medium of your choice.

Pioneers of laser mapping in France, we highlight monuments and buildings thanks to a multitude of lines and curves that move to the rhythm of the music to emphasize and highlight value the architecture of the monument. Innovative and efficient solution for the distribution of imagery (laser, video, photo ...), the water curtain can be used indoors. The finesse of the product allows for quality graphics. Its installation is compact and discreet. The curtain of water replaces the screen, it has the advantages of being translucent, making the image shiny and giving a three-dimensional effect. Power supply: 220 Volts. Closed circuit pool.

Photo du Havre avec un spectacle de laser

Le Havre

Photo du parc astérix avec un spectacle de laser

Parc astérix

Mapping stade de France & Parc des Princes

Mapping stade de France & Parc des Princes

Tour Eiffel Les 130 ans

Eiffel Tower 130 years

Photo de l'arc de triomphe lors d'un spectacle de laser

2020 arc de triomphe

Photo d'un stade de foot lors d'un spectacle de laser

Opening show of the 2018 League Cup Final

Photo de la tour eiffel lors d'un spectacle de laser

200 YEARS of La Caisse d'Épargne at LA TOUR EIFFEL

Photo de l'Abbaye de Maillezais avec un spectacle de laser

Three-dimensional effects on our exceptional sites

Photo d'un spectacle de laser à Nice

Convention 'Tiens' in Nice

Photo de l'émission the voice avec les laser Europe Evènement

The Voice

Photo de l'émission Danse avec les stars avec les laser Europe Evènement

Danse Avec Les Stars

Photo d'une projection laser Europe Evènement à Biarritz


Photo du stade du Maroc avec un spectacle de laser

FIFA Maroc

Photo d'une projection laser Europe Evènement à La Rochelle

La Rochelle 'Grand Pavois' logos

Photo d'une projection d'un rose laser Europe Evènement

Rose on water screen

Photo d'une projection d'un lion laser Europe Evènement

Drawings made on a water curtain

Our customers

international events

national events

Our products


Produit laser de barre laser

Laser bar

Produit laser de lyr laser

Laser lyre

Produit laser de 3W

3W Laser

Produit laser de 10W

10W Laser

Produit laser de 15W

15W Laser

Produit laser de 25W

30W Laser

Produit laser de 30W


Produit laser sur mesure

Custom laser


Produit fontaine d'écrans d'eau

Water screens

Produit fontaine de Rideaux d'eau

Water curtains

Produit de fontaines lumineuses

Illuminated fountains

Produit fontaine de palais des eaux

Water Palace


Our wide range of products are available for sale or rental:

· Multicolored laser from 3 to 100 watts and more

· Control softwares PANGOLIN

· Second-hand material

Contact us by phone: +33 (0)2 41 43 73 64

or by e-mail: laser@europe-evenement.com


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